Tour of Kronshtadt forts

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Tour of Kronshtadt forts
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Tour of Kronshtadt forts
The yacht travel to Kronshtadt is a great opportunity to enjoy views of the Gulf of Finland and Kotlin Island from water. During the excursion you will learn about constructions, their history and role in protecting the maritime boundaries of the Northern capital. When arriving to the pier of Kronshtadt, go for a walk through this remarkable city and visit the famous Naval cathedral of Saint Nicholas. There is sea breeze and fresh northerly winds, as well as chance to see unique fortifications of the Kronshtadt Fortress included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.
Program includes
  • Travelling from St.Petersburg to Kronshtadt on a private boat
  • Excursion to the dam and the old FORTS of Kronshtadt
  • Walking excursion around Kronshtadt with a visit to the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas

Visits additional attractions are provided on Your request.

  • Opening hours of the Naval Cathedral: 9:30-18:00
  • The Naval Cathedral is open daily
  • Address of the Naval Cathedral: 1, Yakornaya square, St. Petersburg,
  • The route of the tour of the FORTS is approved individually
  • Price for the program is calculated individually
The presented prices have a preliminary status. For more information,
please, contact your manager.
— Private boat "Comfort"
from 34 000 RUR
per group
— Private boat "Business"
from 43 900 RUR
per group
— Private boat "Business+"
from 53 500 RUR
per group
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Boat trip around Kronshtadt forts

Trip to Kronshtadt located across the waters of the Gulf of Finland, is an incredibly interesting journey for all those who are interested in military and naval history. This is also a great option for those wishing to book the program “off-the-beaten-path”.

Tours to Kronshtadt from St Petersburg are very popular with the locals, so if you want to mingle with the crowd – this would be the choice of adventure. In the Soviet times it was the restricted area because of secret nuclear submarine production there; now Kronshtadt is open to everyone.

There is an island in the middle of the Gulf of Finland, which Peter the Great chose to be his naval base. The name given, Kronshtadt, stands for “The Crown City”, and has always been vitally important for St Petersburg Navy and defense. Peter built a great number of artificial edifices for better defense around Kronshtadt – naval forts. Excursion to Kronshtadt with a visit to the forts is available in the summertime. It can be arranged in two ways:

  • You reach the place by bus tour to Kronshtadt across the dam, and then change to the local boat and sail along the forts
  • The entire tour is conducted by the seafare: by hydrofoil from St Petersburg and by local boat around the forts.
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