Multi-day tours to St.Petersburg

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Multi-day tours to St.Petersburg
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Tours to St-Petersburg

Are you looking forward to the unique experience? Buy a tour to Saint Petersburg! Our city, no matter what is the cost of tours to Saint Petersburg, is the magical blend of European culture, Russian hospitality and cosmopolitan ambience of the business and cultural Russian capital.
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Tour to St. Petersburg.
3 days
от 49 575 руб.
Classic 3-day tour to St. Petersburg with cultural program, comfortable hotel, individual car and best professional guides' services!
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Tour to St. Petersburg.
5 days
from 52 000 RUR
A classic 5-day tour to St Petersburg with a set of individual excursions, visits to world famous sights, comfortable accommodation and transfer.
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Tour to St.Petersburg.
7 days
from 60 000 RUR
A classic 7-day tour to St Petersburg with a comprehensive cultural program, comfortable accommodation and transportation.
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Group and individual tours in St Petersburg

You can book a tour to St Petersburg individually or join the tourist group. Each way has its advantages. The choice of attractions we have to offer is more or less the same, the only point is that as an individual tourist you can see more and do it at your own pace. Besides the staple choice of museums you may see in each itinerary for the private tours in St Petersburg, we offer you more. The new private Faberge museum is exhibiting the unique jewelry highlights that made Russia famous all over the world. There are Hermitage Museum departments that are overlooked by many but not by us: Special Treasury with the gold of the Tsars, Ancient cultures and modern art section. There are beautiful countryside residences Pavlovsk and Gatchina, which were the private homes of the Imperial family, where you can learn what kind of people the autocratic sovereigns were.

Private tours in St Petersburg tailored by our company have itineraries that include interesting and unusual attractions. The trip, planned individually, can accommodate all your wishes, giving you comprehensive yet flexible travel plan. We are ready to offer routes with and without accommodation.

We offer the best and exclusive tours in St. Petersburg: features and prices for services

St Petersburg is traditionally regarded as one of the top world destinations for the cultural vacation. Each city walk is saturated with history. The world famous highlights like the Hermitage Museum, Peterhof and Tsarskoye Selo Imperial residences and magnificent cathedrals are the key points of each of our tours to St Petersburg. Meanwhile, our experienced team and our best private guides know that St Petersburg has a lot more to offer. St Petersburg is the vibrant modern city. There are hundreds of cultural events taking place each night, ranging from the best loved classical ballet to the most intriguing avant-garde contemporary shows. There are unusual museums like Communications, Artillery and Maritime museums, great for technology fans of all ages; Grand Model of Russia museum giving you the chance to see our country as a whole. And there is a lot of fun: boat rides, pub tours, rooftop walks, nightclubs and amusement parks. Exclusive tours in Saint Petersburg are calculated individually for each guest.

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