Excursions in Saint Petersburg

The most exciting excursions in St. Petersburg open to you today all the diversity and colorful of this fascinating city!

You will find a rich variety of great attractions of the Cultural Capital! It offers excursions on comfortable cars, walks along the water paths of Northern Venice or exclusive travel by helicopter, offering stunning views of the city in the best angles!

For more active guests, we are pleased to offer exciting Hiking, fascinating interactives and tempting, autarcie program notes light and extreme romance!

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Saint Petersburg

When the night covers the beauties of Saint Petersburg the city appears in a completely new and faery image.

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Each landmark of St. Petersburg is worthy of a visit. For many years being the capital of the Empire of the Tsars, the city holds the special place in Russia. The number of Imperial and noble palaces can rival only the number of rivers and canals in St. Petersburg. Tours of St. Petersburg will open all the most interesting cultural landmarks for you. When you book a tour of St. Petersburg, your plan can include:

  • City walks and St Petersburg tours by bus
  • Rivers and canals boat cruises
  • Cathedrals and churches
  • Fine art museum visits.
  • History museums
  • Scientific museums
  • Special interest museums
  • Family activities
  • Interactive entertainment shows
  • Events and festivals visits, sports, shopping and many more.

Individual Tours of St. Petersburg

Getting the most from your Russian trip will be much easier when you go for individual guided tours of St Petersburg. Private tourist guide, to start with, helps you to get around the city. Cultural differences can be tricky and foreign language challenging.  All variety of modern technology can never replace human communication. Online encyclopedias can never replace firsthand experience, provided for you by St Petersburg local guide.

When going to the museum with the guide, especially as gigantic as the Hermitage, you will remember 50% more information than when you are on your own. Structured individual tour of St Petersburg has all the best of landmarks covered and you burning questions answered!

St Petersburg, Russia is really on the far edge of Europe, but you see and notice many familiar trends in architecture. As the popular quote goes, St Petersburg is the most European city in Russia. Our guides will introduce you to the local history and culture, making your tour much more interesting experience. During the high tourist season access to all of the city attractions, museums and venues is much easier when you have private tour arranged in advance. You can buy excursions in St Petersburg from our company for any route you plan here.  St. Petersburg tours of the city are available all year round.

Prices for unusual excursions of St. Petersburg

Cost of excursions in St. Petersburg varies depending on the dates chosen, group size and sights included. Excursions prices start from 25 $ per person. For the detailed offer please contact our company office. Each exclusive offer plan is calculated individually.