Excursions to St.Petersburg museums

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Excursions to St.Petersburg museums
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Excursions to museums

In St. Petersburg there are more than 200 museums of various themes. Visiting one of the most amazing museums of St. Petersburg can be the highlight that will make your stay in St. Petersburg especially interesting and memorable.

Classical museums display for you the masterpieces of painting and sculpture by outstanding foreign and Russian masters of different eras and styles.

Thematic and unusual modern museums will acquaint you with the peculiarities of certain areas in culture and social development demonstrating for you original approaches to popular creative areas.

Temporary exhibitions are always presented in major museums of St. Petersburg where you are welcome to enjoy interesting and extraordinary exhibits by outstanding creative personalities.

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Excursion to Hermitage
from 9 200 RUR
One of the world’s greatest fine arts collections, numbering about 3 000 000 pieces today, was founded by Empress Catherine the Great in 1764.
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Tour to St Isaac’s Cathedral
from 10 000 RUR
The majestic, huge, most important cathedral of the Russian Empire was built almost half a century, becoming the architectural dominant and symbol of St. Petersburg.
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Tour to
Peter and Paul fortress
from 8 500 RUR
The fortress which is the birthplace of St Petersburg is also home to the family vault of the Romanovs, the Russian Imperial family – Peter and Paul Cathedral.
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Tour to the Yusupov Palace
from 8 500 RUR
You will witness one of the richest houses owned by the famous princely family – the Yusupovs.
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Tour to the
Russian museum
from 8 500 RUR
The world renowned treasures of the Russian Avant-garde art like canvases by Malevich, Kandinsky, and Marc Chagall; as well as by the other Russian masters, spanning the period of 10 centuries.
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Tour to the
Savior-On-The-Blood Cathedral
from 8 500 RUR
The monument of true Russian architecture is built on the spot where Tsar-Liberator Alexander II was assassinated by the terrorists.
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Tour to Faberge Museum
from 9 000 RUR
The incredible Easter eggs by Faberge workshop, made exclusively for the Russian Imperial family, are on display here.
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Tour to the «Erarta» Contemporary Art Museum
from 12 000 RUR
This extraordinary museum displays works of contemporary art by well-known and aspiring artists, photographers and sculptors.
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Interactive museum
«St Petersburg Mysteries»
from 1 400 RUR
This extraordinary interactive museum will get you acquainted with the most thrilling and mysterious facts of the city history.
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Tour to the
Alexander Nevsky Monastery
from 8 300 RUR
Saint Alexander Nevsky Monastery is the spiritual heart of Saint-Petersburg and a pilgrimage core of orthodox Christians.
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«The Grand model of Russia»
from 8 600 RUR
The largest exhibition in Russia, which in miniature conveys the beauty of the most picturesque and interesting places of our great country.
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Tour to Menshikov Palace
from 11 200 RUR
The luxurious residence of Prince Alexander Menshikov - the rmain companion of Peter the Great. The Palace interiors convey detailedly the court luxury of the 18th century.
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Top St Petersburg museums

There are absolutely different museums in St Petersburg, dedicated to different spheres of life, starting with space exploration and ending with biology and medicine. St Petersburg imperial and nobility palaces are the most important ones for the history buffs. The greatest treasures of the world art are attracting millions of tourists every year.

You can’t miss the best highlights in St Petersburg, so make sure you have the museum tour booked in advance. Museum excursions with local guides in St Petersburg are especially necessary during the summer season when top city museums are crowded.

We offer you tremendously popular St Petersburg excursions in museums such as:

  • The Hermitage museum – celebrated world renowned art collection including canvases by Da Vinchi, Rafael, Rembrandt, Matisse and Picasso;
  • Three greatest cathedrals of the city which are St Isaacs, Savior on the Blood and Peter and Paul Cathedrals;
  • Faberge museum – collection of Russian jewelry masterpieces including Easter eggs for the last Tsars;
  • The Russian museum – the most important Russian works of art over the centuries, including works by Kandinsky and Malevich;
  • Yussupov Palace, famous for its charm and intriguing historical crime - Rasputin murder.

Individual tours in St Petersburg museums

The wise choice for travelers who would not settle for the ordinary and want the best is certainly individual tour program in St Petersburg museums. With private guide you will manage to see much more in each St Petersburg museum than joining the group. For individual travelers we offer tours to all most important city museums.

Special interest tours are in high demand in St Petersburg, for instance family tours, disabled-friendly tours, Jewish history of St Petersburg and more are available upon request. Individual museum tours prices can be negotiated with us. All museum ticket prices are included into our package St Petersburg offers, no extra charges, no hidden costs.

Your visit to St Petersburg is, for most travelers, once in a lifetime chance. What can you see in only a few days, given the fact we have a few hundred museums, the language is different and distances are big? This is a really painful choice to make and the best decision can be done after consulting with the tourism professionals. We offer excursions to the top St Petersburg museums with highly qualified guides and prearranged entrance tickets.

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