Exclusive tours around Russia

When you buy tour from St. Petersburg to Russia – you discover an amazing country. Russia is the great country, covering 11 time zones, bordering with 16 different countries and covering about 1/8 of the world’s territory. St Petersburg, being the major port, has always been the gateway to Russia for all world travelers. From here you can travel all across Russia and see the rest of the country, making a deal and joining cheap tours to Russia from Saint Petersburg.

Tours by train across Russia.

Tours by bus to the historical gems of Russia.

Tours by helicopter in the picturesque and historic regions.

Popular tours for a few days for the whole family.

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Republic of Karelia, Russia

An amazing journey to picturesque Karelia on an armospheric retro-train will present to you the brightest colours of Karelia nature and wonderful hospitality of local traditions.

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Mandrogi Village, Russia

The travel to the tourist village Mandrogi is a unique insight into the history and an opportunity to perfectly relax away from the busy city.

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Take an amazing trip to the ancient cities of Russia during which you will get acquainted with unique monuments of architecture, visit the oldest monasteries of the country and embrace the true spirit of Russia.

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Exclusive tour to magical Karelia. A comfortable bus, a turnkey excursion program, accommodation in a luxury hotel, a visit to a wonderful marble quarry, a trip to the picturesque Valaam island!

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Unforhettabble journey to the North pole on a famous Russian nuclear icebreaker "50 Let Pobedy". You will cross the Arctic Ocean, explore the historic places of Franz Josef Land and reach the Top of the World!

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Tours in Russia from St. Petersburg

Our tour operator is specializing in arranging excursions that reveal you the true beauty of Russian ancient cities, incredible natural reserves and the immense countryside. Russia is the home of many nations with different religions and cultures. There are world-famous battlefields of the WWII, ancient Siberian forests, centers of science and technology and treasure-troves of old traditions. There is the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin (the leader of Russian revolution) and the city where the last Romanovs were executed, the first and the current Russian capitals, rivers, forests and lakes. All of this is united by the traditional hospitality and our impeccable service.

Popular destinations of tours in Russia

Golden ring of Russia tours from St. Petersburg are covering ancient Russian towns in Northern and central Russia, full of magnificent Orthodox cathedrals, traditional wooden architecture. There are cities like Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Suzdal and Vladimir that are rich in history and full of legends. This is the core of our country.

We also offer the incredible journey to the different faraway regions: steppes and grand planes along the mighty waters. Kazan is the capital of Russian Muslim area - Tatarstan, and Ulan-Ude is the capital of Buddhist region. Unforgettable history, delicious traditional food and colorful traditional craftwork are waiting for you!

The most captivating route goes all across Russia to Vladivostok where the sun meets the ocean and opens the new horizon. 

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Unforgettable sightseeing tours in Russia

Lake Baikal is the absolute must-see in Russia! This is the unique deep pure water lake in Siberia, surrounded by great forests. Adygea Mountains hold the secrets of health and longevity of the local people and just breathtakingly beautiful. Travelling across the country, you spend each day in the different tourist destinations.  Sightseeing tours in Russia from St. Petersburg are the journeys to remember. Bus tours in Russia are the great way to explore the country.