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Gatchina, Russia

Constructed as the hunting lodge for the lover of Catherine the Great, Gatchina Palace has become the headquarters of the “toy army” of her hated son Paul.

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Gatchina, St.Petersburg

Trip to the most romantic suburb of St. Petersburg. You will visit the Grand and Priory Palaces where history will come to life for you, as if you were in a fairy tale!

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Gatchina Palace and Park ensemble lies to the south from St Petersburg and is considered to be the most unusual residence out of all. If you are the seasoned traveler and have seen most of St Petersburg highlights – this place is right for you! Private tours in Gatchina will reveal for you the beauty of the place.

Individual and group tours of the attractions of Gatchina

Gatchina is the estate that was given as a gift by Catherine the Great to her lover Count Orloff. The castle built there resembles the Tudor architecture and is the only one of its kind in Russia. 1 day excursion to Gatchina , both group and individual, covers the main palace and surrounding English landcape gardens. Price of the excursion to Gatchina depends on the number of people in the group.

Gatchina Palace

The magnificent castle was the gala Imperial residence for Emperor Paul I and the beloved childhood home of Nicholas II, the last Russian Tsar. The palace has undergone major reconstruction works since the Soviet times. Now the palace is run by one of the most creative museum teams and ready to offer you various entertainment and educational programs.

Priory Palace

This castle cherishes the overlooked part of Russian history. Namely this is the most mysterious fascination of Emperor Paul with Catholicism and building the Order of St John of Jerusalem  headquarters in Gatchina.

One day trips with the visits to the parks of Gatchina

Your trip would not be complete without getting to know the numerous gardens, spanning around the palace. Walk in the garden is refreshing and pleasure to an eye.

Palace Park

This garden is both commemorating glorious Russian naval victories by the number of monuments built there and evoking memories dear to one’s heart as the classic English landscape garden should to. Stretched on numerous quiet romantic lakes and islands it makes the unique view.

Sylvia Park

Extended excursion to Gatchina from St Petersburg might take you to that lovely park. As a contrast to the previous one, that park is regular strictly symmetric French formal garden.

Menagerie Park

This park takes in the territory to the north from the palace. Judging by its name, the park was arranged especially for the imperial hunt. First Gatchina owner, Gregory Orloff, was the passionate hunter. Emperor Paul I was less interested in this “sport of kings”, but still kept Menagerie in perfect order. Paul styled Menagerie after the hunting grounds of Prince of Conde. Paul visited the Prince during his voyage to France and they went deer hunting together in  Château de Chantilly. Along the route of the bus tour to Gatchina from St Petersburg you are passing this place by.