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Kronshtadt, Russia

After the decades of being the forbidden town, the naval stronghold on the Baltic Sea, Kronshtadt is finally available for everyone interested in the Russian history.

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Kronshtadt, Russia

The yacht travel to Kronstadt is a great opportunity to enjoy views of the Gulf of Finland and Kotlin Island from water.

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Trip to Kronshtadt located across the waters of the Gulf of Finland, is an incredibly interesting journey for all those who are interested in military and naval history. This is also a great option for those wishing to book the program “off-the-beaten-path”. Tours to Kronshtadt from St Petersburg are very popular with the locals, so if you want to mingle with the crowd – this would be the choice of adventure. In the Soviet times it was the restricted area because of secret nuclear submarine production there; now Kronshtadt is open to everyone.

Sail to Kronshtadt

There is an island in the middle of the Gulf of Finland, which Peter the Great chose to be his naval base. The name given, Kronshtadt, stands for “The Crown City”, and has always been vitally important for St Petersburg Navy and defense. Peter built a great number of artificial edifices for better defense around Kronshtadt – naval forts. Excursion to Kronshtadt with a visit to the forts is available in the summertime. It can be arranged in two ways.

  • You reach the place by bus tour to Kronshtadt across the dam, and then change to the local boat and sail along the forts
  • The entire tour is conducted by the seafare: by hydrofoil from St Petersburg and by local boat around the forts.

Sightseeing tour of Kronshtadt

This excursion in Kronshtadt includes the best highlights of the town’s history. Big part of it takes place in the pedestrian area, so there’ll be a lot of walking.

Experiencing the top places in Kronshtadt you will see:

  • The first land-based dockage facility in Russia, established by Peter the Great;
  • Kronshtadt harbour, where first Russian circumnavigation of the earth missions started
  • Seamark that is used by all Russian mapping services;
  • Navy school building where St Petersburg scientist Alexander Popov was making his experiments with radio waves. Locally he is considered to be the inventor of radio;
  • Majestic Naval Cathedral commemorating the Russian Navy glory. This byzantine-style gorgeous basilica is dating back to the early 1900s and is probably the most beautiful building in Kronshtadt.

You will also learn a lot of information on WWII history and many scientific works fulfilled on the territory of Kronshtadt forts.

For all Eastern Orthodox believers and those who are interested in the Russian Church this navy town is the true highlight. Kronshtadt is one of the places of pilgrimage for the Russian Orthodox believers for it was the home of one of the most venerated local saints: St John of Kronshtadt. His home is the museum now attracting pilgrims from all over the world.