Tours to Alexandria in Peterhof

Tours to Alexandria in Peterhof

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Alexandria is the name given to the territory which lies to the east from the famous Lower Garden with the fountains in Peterhof. This is the English landscape romantic garden with the number of buildings carefully restored after the WWII. It belongs to the state museum Peterhof.  The first owner of this territory was Peter the Great’s best friend Alexander Menshikov. In the 19th century Emperor Nicholas I gave these lands as a gift to his beloved wife Alexandra. The park is named Alexandria after her.

Alexandria tours in Peterhof

Visit to Alexandria is the chance to see the private life of the Romanovs. The estate was completely private, and each palace in this garden looks like the bourgeois home rather than the gala royal residence.  The elegant Alexandria Park in Peterhof was the territory of quiet family life, far from the city and its noise. The structures Nicholas I was building here were meant to please his dear Alexandra, nee Princess of Prussia. Most of the structures were constructed in Gothic style. These are the unique European-style Gothic monuments in Russia. The best option for a visit is the private tour in Alexandria, Peterhof, for these buildings are small in size.

Description and itinerary of the trip to Alexandria in Peterhof

There are 5 museums located in Alexandria Park. Leisurely summer life of the royalty in Peterhof was loved by many generations of the Romanovs, including the last royal couple, Nicholas and Alexandra.

Coming to Alexandria in Peterhof, by bus from St Petersburg, you can see:

  • Cottage Palace, lovely countryside home of Nicholas I
  • Gothic Chapel – unique Russian Orthodox church in Gothic style
  • Farm Palace, the 1860s imperial summer home
  • Telegraph Station and House of Courier Service – museums of connection services of the 19th century.