Tour across Russia
«St. Petersburg - Vladivostok»

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Tour across Russia
«St. Petersburg - Vladivostok»
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1. St.Petersburg
St Petersburg is one of the “hidden treasures” of Europe, which is a must-see for every curious traveler. During the city tour you will see the palaces built for the Russian Imperial family, including the Winter Palace; the magnificent Neva river embankments; wide beautiful streets, including the main thoroughfare Nevsky Prospect; the main squares and the most beautiful churches like St Isaacs. St Petersburg was the Imperial capital, which makes it a marvel of architecture, design and city planning.

2. Moscow

Moscow is the great capital of Russia. This oldest unique city combines extraordinary architecture and rich history. A fascinating tour will introduce to you such unique attractions as Red square, the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's mausoleum, the historical Museum, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, as well as the most beautiful metro stations and much more.

3. Kazan

Kazan is the Capital of Tatarstan Republic and the "third" capital of Russia! The city impresses not only with its spaciousness, but also with the incredible history and rich culture that you will get acquainted with during the sightseeing tour. Walking through the territory of the Museum-reserve "Kazan Kremlin" you will see a magnificent mosque Kul-Sharif and the Cathedral of the Annunciation, and a master class "Secrets of Tatar cooking" will get you acquainted with the local culture.

4. Yekaterinburg
Yekaterinburg is the capital of the "new drama" and the birthplace of outstanding modern playwrights. A fascinating tour will introduce you to such unique events of the Russian history of the early XX century and the fate of the Romanov dynasty, a visit to the Church on Blood in the name of all Saints, a visit to the border of Europe and Asia.
5. Novosibirsk
Novosibirsk is a huge, rapidly developing business, trade and cultural center. In terms of growth rate, the city even overtook new York, Chicago and Tokyo, for which it was included in the Guinness book of records. A fascinating tour will introduce you to such unique sights as the Transsib Museum, Opera and ballet Theatre, and a walking tour will introduce you to the old streets and the picturesque embankment of the Ob river.
6. Irkutsk
Irkutsk is an ancient Siberian city, the architecture of which is unique in its own way — the so-called Siberian or Irkutsk Baroque. The population of Irkutsk includes more than 120 nationalities, with whom you will get acquainted in the open-air architectural and ethnographic Museum "Taltsy". Afetrwards you will go to the Museum of Decembrists and Lace house and complete your acquaintance with the city in the picturesque Irkutsk Quarter.
7.Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal is the largest, cleanest and the oldest reservoir on our planet. Despite the fact that Baikal is a lake, there are strong storms. Wave height can reach 4-5 meters. No wonder Baikal is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world, because its water is so clear, the bottom can be seen even at 38 meters in depth. Here You will get acquainted with observation platform "Chersky Stone", which offers a magnificent view of the southern part of lake Baikal and the Angara, the Baikal Museum, famous fish market and more.
8. Ulan-Ude
Ulan-Ude is one of the brightest historical cities in Russia. Here all mixed: the threads of Asia and Europe, the roots of Russian and Mongolian peoples, historical monuments and buildings of our time. There are many Buryat and Mongolian restaurants in the city where you can taste traditional lamb dishes. A fascinating tour will introduce you to such unique attractions as a Sightseeing tour of the city, a visit to datsan and, of course, a reception in a traditional Buryat Yurt with a folklore program and lunch.

9. Khabarovsk
Khabarovsk is one of the largest centers of the Far East in terms of culture, politics and education. No wonder Khabarovsk has repeatedly occupied the first place in the ranking of the most comfortable cities in Russia. There is a popular urban legend, according to which near Khabarovsk is a real underground city with streets, buildings and a network of tunnels. A fascinating tour will introduce you to such unique attractions as a sightseeing tour of the city with a visit to the local History Museum, boating, folk concert and a master class in painting matreshkas.
10. Vladivostok

Vladivostok - the Capital of Primorsky Krai, which is called the "gateway to Asia" - the distance to major Chinese and Japanese cities does not exceed 1500 km. Here You will enjoy a city tour and visit the viewing platforms at Cape Egersheld and the hill Eagle's nest, explore the Museum "Submarine s-56," inspect central squares, Svetlanskaya street - the main artery of the city, and the famous triumphal arch. Excursion to Russky Island will open for you Novosiltsevskaya and Voroshilovskaya batteries, the house of General Kornilov and other famous monuments.


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St. Petersburg - Vladivostok

What could be more interesting than getting across almost all Russia from the West to the East and visiting such remote location of the country as Vladivostok? Feel the whole fullness and brightness of colours, which will saturate your journey, during which you will visit amazing Kazan, walk through the streets of Ekaterinburg and Irkutsk, be at Lake Baikal and many other things, which will wait for you on the way from Moscow to Vladivostok! The travel takes 6 days and includes visiting 8 cities of Russia at once.

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