Interactive museum «St Petersburg Mysteries»

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Interactive museum
«St Petersburg Mysteries»
- Excursions to St.Petersburg museums -
Interactive museum «St Petersburg Mysteries»
This extraordinary interactive museum will get you acquainted with the most thrilling and mysterious facts of the city’s history. Special mechanical appliances, sound effects and holograms make the show impressive and breathtaking. In each of the 13 rooms live actors perform for you to make you feel the real mood of the most famous literature masterpieces and dramatic social and political intrigues.
Program includes:
  • Paul I: death and death
  • Raskolnikov. Crime and Punishment
  • Assassination and death of Rasputin
  • Princess Tarakanova
  • Major Kovalev's nose. "The Nose" by Gogol.
  • "The Queen of spades" by Pushkin
  • Hours of operation: Mon - Thu 12:00 - 22:00, Fri 12:00 - 23:00, Sat 11:00 - 23:00, Sun 11:00 - 22:00
  • Museum works daily
  • Address: 40-42, Nevsky prospect, St. Petersburg, 191186
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Interactive museum “St Petersburg Mysteries” is the amazing blend of classical drama theater, 3-D technologies and immersive show. This project is all about blending history and classical literature together and making it into real experience.

Endless volumes of Russian 19th century literary works describe St Petersburg as sinister, mystical and miserable place. Several key protagonists of these stories by Pushkin, Gogol and Dostoyevsky come alive here, revealing the hidden part of the glamorous Imperial St Petersburg. This is the right place to take your teenagers to –they love all sorts of horrors, creepy stories.

Museum is located in ten rooms, each of which is dedicated to the certain story from the book or historical event. Here you will see Peter the Great, Paul I, and, of course, Gregory Rasputin. Tour to the “Saint Petersburg Mysteries” museum is taking you from room to room, across 300 years of the city history. The team of the museum has done the great job.

The show boasts of professional local theater actors, settings and producers. University professors have been fact checking the plot of each story. Experience is thoroughly enjoyed by young and old. Probably the most important endorsement comes from the St Petersburg school teachers, accompanying their classes – feedback shows they love it as much as the kids do.

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