Tour across Russia «Russian exotic»

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Tour across Russia «Russian exotic»
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1. St. Petersburg
You will find a rich variety of great attractions of the Cultural Capital! Exciting excursions on comfortable cars, walks along the water paths of Northern Venice and exclusive programs of different themes - everything will be presented in the stunning views of the city monuments and architecture!

2. Novgorod the Great

Novgorod the Great - or Veliky Novgorod- is a city with a great past having had a huge impact on the historical development of Russia. Here you will learn the history of the chronicle about Rurik and the birth of the Russian state. Magnificent cathedrals, churches, monasteries and interesting museums will open for you the deep history of Orthodox culture and ancient Russian art.

3. Velikie Luki

Velikie Luki is a city with an extraordinary historical aura. However, almost the entire history of this area was erased in the war years - for the brutality of the fighting and the scale of destruction of the city was nicknamed as Small Stalingrad. For labor and military services Velikie Luki was awarded the Order of the Patriotic war of the first degree. Here you will see the buildings of Stalin's times, the preserved building of 1768 - Ascension Cathedral, and other historical gems.

4. Smolensk
Smolensk is one of the oldest Russian cities. Smolensk was founded on the way from the Varangians to the Greeks, in the very place where the ships were dragged from the Western Dvina river to the Dnieper. Here, the boats of merchants were treated with resin - "smola", hence the name "Smolensk" has appeared. Here you will enjoy the magnificent architectural landscapes, see the old Kremlin, become impressed by the majestic assumption Cathedral, visit the Museum" Smolensk flax " and the Museum of Russian vodka.
5. Nikola-Lenivets. Kaluga region
Nikola-Lenivets is one of the largest centers of contemporary art in Russia and the largest in Europe landscape Park, which occupies a huge territory. Here you will see the famous lighthouse, welcoming visitors from afar. The observation deck will give you a unique view of the Ugra And the ruins of the ancient temple of the Holy Trinity. Here you will feel an indescribable feeling of freedom of the spirits and reverence, which is filled with this great place.
6. Divnogorie . Voronezh region
Divnogorie is a natural architectural and archaeological Museum-reserve, the name of which is fully justified, because nature, flora and fauna are truly marvelous beauty. The Museum-reserve itself stretches for several kilometers, which are covered with unique masterpieces of natural creation, intertwined with architectural gems.
7. Rostov-on-Don
Rostov-on-Don is a real city-Museum. This is the city of Cossacks, the city of glory and, of course, the ancient culture and interesting crafts: the main craft of Rostov – finift, also in these places lie colored ceramic clay. Another ancient craft of Rostov is blacksmithing. Here you will get acquainted with the sights that will fully reveal the unique diversity of this region.
8.Lotus valley. Krasnodar region
Lotus valley is a vast plantation covered with charming Indian Lotus. Here you will be fascinated by the incredible splendor of nature decarated with large open buds and inflorescences. The valley of lotuses attracts tourists from all over the world with its incredible beauty. The local river Eric will give You the romantic waterway to the charming buds of this wonderful flowers.

9. Bolshoy Utrish
Bolshoy Utrish is a place of incredible beauty. In a local reserve you will enjoy the views of a unapproachable sea-rocks, picturesque landscapes and the famous waterfall named as “Pearl” due to its shining splendor. After this inspiring walking you will enjoy an exciting degustation of locally produced wine drinks.
10. Adygea mountains
Adygea is the world of natural creations of fabulous beauty! Mountains and caves, thermal springs and gorges, ravines and tracts, ancient untouched forests and valleys - all these are adorn the Republic. Here you will see the most interesting and mysterious monuments of ancient history in Adygea – dolmens. Scientists are still arguing about the purpose these ancient buildings were created for. Perhaps these are tombs or worship constructions...
11. Volgograd

Volgograd has long been famous as a hero city and therefore most of its attractions are directly related to the events of the great Patriotic war, particularly, the battle of Stalingrad. Of course, the most important attraction of the city is Mamayev Kurgan, where the most fierce battles took place. Here you will get acquainted with memorable places of war times and enjoy the magnificence of the city during a leisure cruise on a comfortable boat.
12. Saratov

Saratov - a city famous for its multiple peculiar monuments and the magnificent scenery of its parks and squares. Here you will try wonderful local cuisine admiring the scenery of the picturesque river banks. Visiting the National People Village will open for you the life of local nations presented through the prism of unique national culture.
13. Ulyanovsk
Beautifully located on the banks of the Volga river, Ulyanovsk perfectly combines architectural sights, majestic and funny “caricature” monuments. Ulyanovsk was a birthplace of the great Russian leader Vladimir Lenin, whose real name was Vladimir Ulyanov. A great memorial center built in his honor will open for you some interesting facts about this unique person.
14. Kazan

Kazan is the Capital of Tatarstan Republic and the "third" capital of Russia! The city impresses not only with its spaciousness, but also with the incredible history and rich culture that you will get acquainted with during the sightseeing tour. Walking through the territory of the Museum-reserve "Kazan Kremlin" you will see a magnificent mosque Kul-Sharif and the Cathedral of the Annunciation, and a master class "Secrets of Tatar cooking" will get you acquainted with the local culture.
15. Nizhny Novgorod
Nizhny Novgorod is a Volga pearl and one of the oldest cities in Russia, revealing the authenticity of Russian spirit. Here you will go to the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin - the heart of the great city opening for you the history of our state. A bright folklore show will gladden you with unforgettable emotions.
16. Vladimir

Vladimir is one of the most popular sites of the famous Golden Ring of Russia. This ancient city has more than a thousand-year history reflected in the incredibly beautiful scope of its natural pictures and orthodox culture. Here, visiting an old monastery you will breathe in the rich history and enjoying magnificent architecture and wide spaciousness of local beauty.
17. Moscow
Moscow is the great capital of Russia. This oldest unique city combines extraordinary architecture and rich history. A fascinating tour will introduce to you such unique attractions as Red square, the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's mausoleum, the historical Museum, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, as well as the most beautiful metro stations and much more.


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Russian Exotic

Take an amazing trip to the ancient cities of Russia. During your trip, you will get acquainted with unique monuments of architecture, the Russian architectonics, visit the oldest monasteries of the country and embrace the true spirit of Russia. During your travel, you will visit Smolensk, Novgorod, Pskov, and other cities filled with the colour and showing the generous Russian spirit, its traditions and culture.

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