Russian exotic

Take an amazing trip to the ancient cities of Russia. During your trip, you will get acquainted with unique monuments of architecture, the Russian architectonics, visit the oldest monasteries of the country and embrace the true spirit of Russia. During your travel, you will visit Smolensk, Novgorod, Pskov, and other cities filled with the colour and showing the generous Russian spirit, its traditions and culture.



Transport rental for the whole tour

Accommodation in comfortable hotels

Three tasty meals per day

Excursions and entertainments

Visa support for foreign guests

Representative of the company

Individual tour

 Accommodation with or without breakfast

 Hotel selected to meet your preferances

 Tailor-made   cultural   program

 Quantity of guests: at request

from $4750 per person



Group tour

 Twin accommodation with breakfast

 Comfortable hotels of best quality

 Arranged   cultural   program

 Quantity of guests: up to 16 people

$4600 per person


  • Full program and dates of the tour

Dear guests!

Dates of your tour will be agreed individually

Dates of the coming tour should be checked with the Manager


I agree to the processing of my data.Terms of use.

Dear guests!

1. The consequence of the tour has PRELIMINARY STATUS! The final order of tour elements will be confirmed as soon as the exact dates of your stay are announced

2. 100% payment is to be settled in advance for your arrival is less than in two weeks. In this case we can guarantee all options provided.

3. Payment can be fulfilled eirther through bank transfer or by credit card

4. You will be provided with all  documents and receipts at your arrival in Saint-Petersburg

5. The final version of individual program will be confirmed as soon a we know the exact dates of your stay!

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