Tour to Karelia «Karelian fairy tale»

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Tour to Karelia «Karelian fairy tale»
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1. Departure from St.Petersburg
You will be served with excellent transport, in which your trip will be incredibly comfortable and safe. The category of transport capacity will be offered in accordance with the number of guests so that there will be place for the most comfortable transportation.
2. Korela Fortress

Fortress Korela is located in a lovely town of Priozersk and keeps its history from the XIV-XVIII centuries. This old Russian tree-land building was constructed by Novgorodian people in 1310. Now it is a Museum-fortress complex, which will introduce to you the exposition of local history and outlines of the most significant military events, which this unique place witnessed.

3. Streletsky Ostrog

Streletsky Ostrog is a private Museum of living history, which is dedicated to the Streletsky army and covers the period from its existence: from the reign of Ivan the terrible until the abolition of the Streletsky army in the XVIII century by Tsar Peter I. Streletsky Ostrog is an object of real experimental archeology, where all the buildings and structures are designed in the way the inhabitants of this region used to do in the past.

4. Museum "Mount of Eagle-owi"
"Mount of Eagle-owl" is a unique natural and military-historical object, located inside a powerful granite rock, whose scale and beauty are amazing! In the past this natural grotto was adapted by the Finnish army as a command and staff bunker featuring all the necessary communications. Now, the complex "Mount of Eagle-owl" is one of the largest underground museums in Northern Europe, covering an area of more than 75 square meters.
5. Marble canyon
Marble Canyon, now filled with the purest groundwater, was once a source of production of different varieties of marble. Currently, some of the quarries are abandoned and flooded, and some continue to be used for industrial stone mining. One of the quarries, now called Ruskeala mountain Park - is now equipped for tourists to visit and have cleared and fenced pedestrian paths, equipped with Parking, provide rent-a-boat services. Here you will enjoy from water the view of marble walls with a height of more than 20 meters.
6. Hotel accommodation
You will stay overnight in one of the best hotels in the region. Here, you will be served with a delicious dinner in the best traditions of national cuisine. After a wonderful meal the cosy warmth and incredible comfort will allow you to enjoy the rest in surroundings of amazing Karelian landscapes.
7. Valaam monastery
After your sweet sleep in the fresh air you will go to the pier where your journey through the magical beauty of lake Ladoga will begin. Here, a comfortable boat will take you to one of the most beautiful places in Russia - Valaam island, where the monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church is located. Here you will plunge into the world of Russian Orthodoxy and feel the atmosphere of incredible awe and ease that fill this spiritual place.
8. Back to St. Petersburg
After your "travelling" through Russian Orthodox culture and enjoying monastic meal, you will start your way back surrounded by the enchanting Ladoga lake again. The comfortable boat will take you back to the town of Priozersk. Here on the pier you will get on a comfortable bus which will take you back to St. Petersburg, leaving behind the beautiful world of Karelia....


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Karelian fairy tale

Karelia is one of the most picturesque regions of Russia. It has its own national color and incredibly rich history, the origins of which go to the forgotten antiquity. A rich two-day tour will reveal Karelia in its lively images, conveying the history of the region in the brightest colors.

  • Comfortable transport and luxury hotel
  • Visits to the historic show-installations
  • Walks through the world-famous Marble Canyon
  • The journey to the Valaam monastery by boat

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