Excursion to Hermitage

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Excursion to Hermitage
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Excursion to Hermitage
One of the world’s greatest fine arts collections, numbering about 3 000 000 pieces today, was founded by Empress Catherine the Great in 1764. The highlights are masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinchi, Rembrandt, Rubens, Michelangelo, Matisse and other top world artists. The museum is situated in 6 historical buildings, including the splendid Winter Palace, the home of the Russian Tsars.
Program includes:
  • Palace interiors
  • French painting
  • Spanish painting
  • German painting
  • English painting
  • Dutch painting
  • Italian painting
  • Opening hours: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Days off: Thursday and last Monday of the month
  • Address: 2, Palace square, St. Petersburg, 190000
The presented prices have a preliminary status. For more information,
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Option #1
— Private guide
— Tickets
from 9 200 RUR
per group
Option #2
— Private guide
— Tickets
— Private car
from 11 200 RUR
per group
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Guided tour of the Hermitage in English

Hermitage museum visit in St Petersburg is one of the main things to do in the city. Hermitage museum collection was founded by Catherine the Great in 1760s. She was the passionate art collector buying the best artworks: canvases by Rembrandt, Van Dyke, Michelangelo, Rubens and others. The collection was amassed later by all following Russian Emperors. As for the buildings of the Hermitage, they are the highlights of St Petersburg architecture.

The Winter Palace was the main residence of the imperial family, all of the adjacent structures were constructed to expand the art galleries or as government buildings. The Hermitage has a great number of Ancient World works of art, Oriental collections, Pre-historic items as well as big department of contemporary art. Hermitage excursion by the professional guide is the best introduction to this extraordinary museum.

Exploring the treasures of the Hermitage with the individual guide is saving your time and effort. The route which all the guided tours of the Hermitage follow includes all the highlights. Buy a tour to the Hermitage with us and you won’t have to line up for the ticket and wonder which turn to take and which large hall is the right one. Cost of the excursion to the Hermitage you can see below.

The State Hermitage museum in St Petersburg is one of the greatest art museums in the world. It is situated in several historical buildings of unrivaled beauty. The museum boasts of around 1000 halls available for the visitors. The number of exhibits exceeds 3000000 items. The task to navigate through the Hermitage museum halls is the challenging one indeed. If you have limited time in St Petersburg, e.g. arriving by the cruise liner or visiting on a business trip, the vise decision would be to book the guided tour of the Hermitage museum.

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