Tour to Menshikov Palace

- Excursions to St.Petersburg museums -
Tour to Menshikov Palace
- Excursions to St.Petersburg museums -
Tour to Menshikov Palace
The Menshikov Palace is the first stone building in St. Petersburg. It was built for the first Governor-General of St. Petersburg - Alexander Menshikov. The Menshikov Palace is a living example of luxury and wealth of Petrine Russia. The interior of the palace is made in European style. The furniture was brought from Italy and France under special orders.The museum exhibition acquaints us with the history of Russian culture of the early eighteenth century presenting the atmosphere of Peter the Great’s time. In addition to the main exposition of the museum, there take place periodical exhibitions devoted to European painting and art of the XV-XIX centuries.
Program includes:

The main exposition of the Museum will present to you the history of Russian culture of the first third of the eighteenth century and immerse you into the atmosphere of Peter's time. The charming interior of the Palace is executed in the notes Of Italian and French decoration of the old times.

  • Opening hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 12: 00 - 20: 00, Thu 10:30 - 17:00
  • The Museum is open daily
  • Address: 15, University embankment, St. Petersburg, 190000
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Alexander Menshikov was the best friend of Peter the Great. His life is the breathtaking “Hollywood story” of a self-made man, born into a very poor family and having climbed to the very top of 18th century social ladder of Russia.

The Most Serene Prince and Governor-General of St Petersburg, Alexander Menshikov ordered to build the luxurious 3-storey palace on the Neva river bank. This palace was the first structure built in stone in the city, and remains the outstanding landmark today.

Tour to the Menshikov Palace takes you around the two floors, where gala halls and private chambers are on display. Life of the royal favorite has many pitfalls. Having been the richest and mightiest man in Russia, Menshikov ended his life in disgrace in Siberian exile. Private tours around Menshikov Palace are all about the owner’s complex personality, his private life and political achievements.

Menshikov Palace is one of the very few surviving buildings dating back to the first years of St Petersburg. The artistic tastes and hobbies of Menshikov repeat those of his patron – Peter the Great. Looking at the chambers, we see the same passion for shipbuilding and navigation, the same obsession with everything Dutch. Was it just opportunism or was it real? The answer you’ll find visiting Menshikov Palace with the organized tour.

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