Tour to St Isaac’s Cathedral

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Tour to St Isaac’s Cathedral
- Excursions to St.Petersburg museums -
Tour to St Isaac’s Cathedral
The majestic, huge, most important cathedral of the Russian Empire was built almost half a century, becoming the architectural dominant and symbol of St. Petersburg. The building of the temple is not only an architectural masterpiece, but also a monument of science and technology.
Program includes:
  • Tour of the interior of the Cathedral
  • The rise of the colonnade, offering stunning views of the city from a bird's eye view
  • Opening hours: 10:30 – 18:00
  • Day off: Wednesday
  • 4, Address: St. Isaac's square, St. Petersburg, 190000
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Option #1
— Private guide
— Tickets
from 10 000 RUR
per group
Option #2
— Private guide
— Tickets
— Private car
from 12 000 RUR
per group
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Excursion to St Isaac’s Cathedral in English language

One of the grandest monuments of architecture in St Petersburg, St Isaac’s Cathedral is soaring above the city skyline. The temple dedicated to St Isaac of Dalmatia is the biggest Orthodox Church in Russia. The classical cathedral with gorgeous gilded dome is dating back to the middle of 19th century. Each sightseeing tour usually includes a visit to the St Isaacs Cathedral, since this is one of the top highlights of St Petersburg.

Visiting St Isaac’s Cathedral with the English-language excursion will get you acquainted with the amazing history of this church, as well as the renowned interior. Construction was challenging, lasted during four decades, construction cost was great. The glorious result was the second by volume cathedral in the world. The structure was the main cathedral of the whole Russian Empire. Interior is adorned with bronze sculptures, mosaics, different types of marble and semi-precious stone decorations. After 1917 revolution the cathedral was turned into the museum. During the Second World War the building’s cellar was used as the bomb shelter. Today this is both the museum and the active church with the daily schedule of Orthodox services. By purchasing the separate ticket it is possible to climb up the Cathedral’s impressive colonnade and see St Petersburg from the above.

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