Show-museum «The Grand model of Russia»

The Grand model of Russia is the largest project covering the area of 800 square meters. Meters. The model will acquaint you with all key inhabited and uninhabited points of Russia - cities and towns, forests and seas, operating roads and railways. The Grand Model of Rossi is the largest project of such kind in our country, and the second – in the world.

Price of the program “City tour and Museum”:

from 20 $ per one person

Program includes:

  • Saint-Petersburg
  • Kaliningrad region
  • Moscow
  • Kamchatka
  • Sochi
  • Caspian
  • Ural ridge
  • Zauralye
  • Siberia
  • North
  • Taiga regions
  • Far East

Opening hours: 10:00–22:00

The Museum is open daily

 Address: 16, Flower street, St. Petersburg, 196084

 Price of the program “City tour and Museum”: from 20 $ per one person



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Our tickets allow you to visit the museum without enduring great queues at the entrance and be guided around by an authorized guide.

A classical excursion program includes a city tour with visit to one museum. The priced presented below include car rent and a licensed guide’s fee. Costs for museum visits are presented on separate slides.

Standard program of a city tour + museum lasts for approximately 4 hours. In case you want to intermit for a lunch in an atmospheric restaurant in the heart of Saint-Petersburg and vitalize yourself by masterpieces of original Russian cuisine, just inform us and we will propose the best alternative meeting you budget.

In case your preferable dates of visit coincide  with official days off of the museum  you chose, we are glad to propose  a worthy alternative.

Russia is the largest country in the world. It takes a lifetime to explore the whole territory. In St Petersburg there is a highly interesting museum where you can explore Russia within an hour. Interactive museum “Grand Model of Russia” is the elaborate, precise but also very funny model of our vast country which has been fit into a hall of just 800 sq. meters.

This is the far cry from the average local history museum. This is the perfect combination of history, geography, a little bit of a show and a lot of fun for visitors from all over the world.  Little men populating the Model go about their own daily business without paying much attention to the visitors. Small cars and trains run back and forth across the country.

Houses are being built, crops are being planted, and cargos are being unloaded. This entire little world is run by the know-how mechanisms which are the pride of the museum team. The model of Russia is not static either: day changes the night every few minutes, all things are making their respective sounds.

There are a few pads where visitors can start movement by pressing the button. The Grand Model of Russia is a great choice for the family visit. How to get there and ticket prices you can find below.

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