Tour to Peter and Paul fortress

The fortress which is the birthplace of St Petersburg is also home to the family vault of the Romanovs, the Russian Imperial family – Peter and Paul Cathedral. On its territory there is also the weirdest statue of Peter the Great in the city; the former political prison exhibition and the thrilling place nicknamed “The Gate of Death”.

Price of the program “City tour and Museum”:

from 25 $ per one person

Program includes:

  • The territory of Peter and Paul fortress
  • Peter and Paul Cathedral and the Grand tomb
  • The Prison Of Trubetskoy Bastion

 Opening hours of the Peter and Paul fortress: 9:30 - 20:00  

Opening hours of the Museums: 10:00 – 18:00

 Day off at the museums: Wednesday

 Address: St. Petersburg, 197046

Price of the program “City tour and Museum”: from 25 $ per one person




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Our tickets allow you to visit the museum without enduring great queues at the entrance and be guided around by an authorized guide.

A classical excursion program includes a city tour with visit to one museum. The priced presented below include car rent and a licensed guide’s fee. Costs for museum visits are presented on separate slides.

Standard program of a city tour + museum lasts for approximately 4 hours. In case you want to intermit for a lunch in an atmospheric restaurant in the heart of Saint-Petersburg and vitalize yourself by masterpieces of original Russian cuisine, just inform us and we will propose the best alternative meeting you budget.

In case your preferable dates of visit coincide  with official days off of the museum  you chose, we are glad to propose  a worthy alternative.

The Peter and Paul Fortress, founded by Peter I in 1703, laid the cornerstone of the further capital city of Russian Empire, St Petersburg. The hexagonal fortress was  in fact never used as the military stronghold. Replacing the martial purpose it held the Mint (which is active today), the city garrison barracks and political prison. Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul is a sepulcher of the Romanovs, the Russian ruling imperial house. Nowadays fortress is the central site of the city history museum. An excursion in English language will introduce you  to the mysteries of Russian history here.

Excursion on the territory of Peter and Paul Fortress in English

Taking advantage of the professional English-speaking guide's services, you are going to explore Peter and Paul Fortress. Sightseeing tour of Peter and Paul Fortress in St Petersburg takes close to one hour. 

The magnificent Peter and Paul Cathedral boast with the elegant gilded bell tower which is still the second-tallest structure in St Petersburg central area. 

The active church and history museum are successfully combined here.  Nearly all Romanov Emperors are buried in the cathedral, including Peter the Great and Nicholas II. Before 1917 revolution in the well-fortified bastions various pretenders to the throne, revolutionaries and political activists speaking up against the Tsars, were incarcerated. Today you can visit the former prison inside Trubetskoy bastion. 

The famous midday shot, which is the local tradition, can be witnessed by next rampart. The city artillery unit fires one of the cannons on top of the bastion at noon. There are many exhibitions on the grounds, illustrating the city history.  For those interested in technology there is really unique exhibition dedicated to the Soviet space exploration.

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