Classic tour to Oranienbaum

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Classic tour to Oranienbaum
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Just a few miles away from Peterhof there is the only environ of St Petersburg which has never been taken by the Nazis. There is also Grand Menshikov Palace – the former residence of Tsar Peter’s best friend Alexander Menshikov, whose life is worthy of adventure novel. Here, in Oranienbaum (the “orange tree” in German) you can see the authentic 18th century palaces built for the summer festivities of Catherine the Great, where most of the interiors are genuine.
Program includes
  • Excursion to the Grand Menshikov Palace
  • Excursion to the Chinese Palace
  • Walking excursion around the Park "Oranienbaum"
  • Opening hours of the Grant Menshikov Palace: 10: 30 - 18:00, daily
  • Opening hours of The Chinese Palace: 10:30 - 18:00
  • Day off at The Chinese Palace: Monday
  • Opening hours of the Park "Oranienbaum": 9:00 - 19:00, daily
  • Address: 46, Palace Ave., Lomonosov, St. Petersburg, 198412


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Excursions to Oranienbaum by Big Life Tour

  • Excursions to Oranienbaum will turn over the untouched pages of history.
  • Package tours with accommodation in a comfortable hotel will make your day off unforgettable.
  • Magnificent palace halls are perfect for organizing an event of a higher level.

Individual and group tours to Oranienbaum

Duration of the trip to Oranienbaum is about 6 hours, depending on the number of places visited. Tickets to all museums, which are not included in your tour, can be purchased on the spot. During the Soviet times the town was named Lomonosov after the famous Russian scientist. Bus tour to Oranienbaum from St Petersburg is available as well as the private excursion to Oranienbaum. Price is equal to the size of the group.

A day excursion to Oranienbaum will get you acquainted with the 18th century beautiful countryside ensemble. This is one of the suburbs of St Petersburg that was not captured by the Nazis, therefore genuine interiors and items can be seen today. The palaces and park have been just recently restored and turned into the museums.

Visit the unique Palace and Park of Oranienbaum

The excursion to Oranienbaum from St Petersburg can open really surprise you. Even if you are Russian history lover. Alexander Menshikov, Peter the Great’s best childhood friend, was the first owner. The sumptuous Grand Palace was constructed as Menshikov’s summer gala estate. Decades later this place was presented to the young couple – Grand Duke Peter and Grand Duchess Catherine. The Duke had a very tragic end, killed eventually by his wife. She went down into history as Catherine the Great, the Empress of Russia. The story of this most unlikely married couple can be traced through their summer homes, built on the grounds of Oranienbaum Park. They had different houses and different interests.

The small Chinese Palace was constructed for Catherine, meant to be the summer home. The Sliding hill pavilion was done for young Catherine and her guests just for the fun. Today you’d call this kind of activity the rollercoaster. Peter, despite his simpleton image on history pages, was a different man and had profound interests. His passion was music. The Picture Gallery and Opera pavilion were built for him nearby his summer home. Both Peter and Catherine had Rococo palaces in Oranienbaum, and after years of work, they are finally restored now. These are the only Rococo style homes surviving up to nowadays in St Petersburg.

Oranienbaum museums available for the visitors are:

  • Grand Menshikov Palace
  • Chinese Palace
  • Picture House Museum
  • Stone Hall Pavilion

Please note, the work schedule of the museums may change. You are welcome to request details from your personal manager.

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