Classic tour to Peterhof

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Classic tour to Peterhof
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The festive atmosphere, grandeur and gayety of the parks and palaces make visit to Peterhof once-in-a-lifetime experience. Numerous smaller structures reveal the private life of the royal family. Famous water tricks are the absolute delight for the young and old, making Peterhof gardens essential for family vacation. Glittering water sprays springing up in the air from the numerous fountains, magnificent Grand Palace and Grand Cascade towering above the neatly planned gardens embody the dream of Peter the Great of the “Russian Versailles”.
Program includes:
  • Route excursion on the way to Peterhof
  • Excursion to the Grand Peterhof Palace
  • Excursion to the Lower Park

Please, note: the fountains work with season restrictions. You are welcome to request details from your personal manager.

  • Opening hours Of the Grand Peterhof Palace: 10:30 - 17:00
  • Day off at the Grand Peterhof Palace: Monday
  • The mode of operation of the Nizhny Park: 9:00 - 20:00 daily
  • Address: 2, Razvodnaya str., Peterhof, St. Petersburg, 198516


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Excursions to Peterhof by Big Life Tour

Peterhof is an amazing summer residence built on the coast of the Gulf of Finland by Peter the Great looks like the fairy-tale come true. Size of the estate is around 250 acres and it lies 19 miles to the south-west from St Petersburg. Very often you can find in the history books that Peter tried to emulate Versailles, and Peterhof is nicknamed “The Russian Versailles”. There is definitely not the whole truth. Peterhof is more spectacular, and the easiest way to find out why is by booking individual guided tour to Peterhof.

The world-famous fountains of Peterhof will please you in the warm season. Excursions with a visit to the Grand Palace and magnificent pavilions of the lower park. Package tours with accommodation in comfortable hotels for a romantic and family holiday. Corporate departures and the organization of excursions for VIP-guests.

Peterhof tours description

There are a few dozen attractions on the grounds of Peterhof. With each new reign the new structures were being built there, for each new Emperor wanted the house of his or her new style. Seeing all of them takes several days. Each museum requires the individual ticket to enter. There are official venues for diplomacy and high life, and there are private low-key summer homes of the Romanovs. Day trips to Peterhof in the summer can include most of these numerous museums. Bus tour to Peterhof from St Petersburg usually includes Grand Palace and Gardens visit.

Visit to the Grand Palace in Peterhof

In 1715 they started construction of two-storey palace under supervision of Le Blond, the fashionable French architect. Peter planned this palace to be the focal point of Peterhof and the center of summer court life. The structure was significantly enlarged under Peter’s daughter, Elisabeth. Many rooms in the palace were redecorated by their successors Catherine the Great and Nicholas I. The palace which we see today is the result of the post WWII reconstruction. The main route in the Grand Peterhof Palace goes around the second floor and includes all of the splendid gala reception halls.

Visit to the Lower Garden and Fountains in Peterhof

The main feature of Peterhof is certainly the unique 18th century fountain system. The number of Peterhof fountains exceeds the 100, and there is not a single one which repeats the other in style and shape. Fountains of Peterhof are furthermore unique, since all of them arу working based on the principle of natural gravity. Kids are delighted with the famous water jokes of Peter the Great, and their parents are fascinated by the unrivalled beauty of the fountains and cascades in Peterhof. Walk towards the shore of the Gulf will take you to the hydrofoil station.

Going to Peterhof by bus and hydrofoil

There are two options of how to get to Peterhof. You can join the bus tour to Peterhof from St Petersburg. Highway that goes to Peterhof is the old royal road, where Peter the Great wanted his courtiers to built summer estates. Now they are the suburbs of St Petersburg. During the navigation season you can take hydrofoil to Peterhof, gliding across the waters of the Gulf of Finland. This water trip starts in the center of the city and terminates right by the Gardens of Peterhof.

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