Classic tour to Pavlovsk

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Classic tour to Pavlovsk
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Just a few minutes away from Tsarskoye Selo lays Pavlovsk estate, the true gem of classical architecture, graceful mansion surrounded by the lovely landscape park. Here you can learn about the hidden side of Russian royal life. The power games have broken the life of Emperor Paul I, owner of this residence. Pavlovsk Palace survived all the terrible storms, remaining the model of elegance and style. The palace is incredibly well furnished and preserved, showing the grand rooms and the private quarters.
Program includes
  • Road Excursion on the way to Pavlovsk
  • Excursion to the Pavlovsk Palace
  • Excursion to Pavlovsk Park
  • Opening hours of the Pavlovsk Palace: 10:00 - 18:00
  • The day off at the Pavlovsk Palace: Friday
  • The mode of operation of the Pavlovsk Park: 06:00 - 21:00 daily
  • Address: 20, Sadovaya street, Pavlovsk, St. Petersburg, 196621


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Excursions to Pavlovsk by Big Life Tour

Just a few miles away from the splendid Catherine palace in Tsarskoye Selo lies the vast landscape garden, where the classical palace on top of the hill is standing. This is Pavlovsk, the lovely summer manor house of Emperor Paul I and Empress Maria, his wife. Excursion to Pavlovsk will be your eye-opener regarding the hidden family secrets of the Romanovs. This is the place to go, if you want to learn as much as possible about Romanovs and Russian art and culture. Pavlovsk excursions are very popular with the locals. Pavlovsk park is the most beloved place to go for the young families and local Grannies, feeding the squirrels and birds.

Pavlovsk Palace and Park

The estate was given as a gift to Paul, the son of Catherine the Great. Empress Catherine the Great was on bad terms with the son and his spouse, the construction faced many difficulties on the way. But the result turned out to be wonderful. Maria, Paul’s wife, loved horticulture, gardening and country life in general, so Pavlovsk Palace and Park were her favorite refuges from the merciless court intrigues. Her efforts turned Pavlovsk into one of the most beautiful environs of St Petersburg.

Bus tour to Pavlovsk starts at your hotel reception. Your guide meets you and the driver. Then start to the south from St Petersburg. It takes about one hour to get to Pavlovsk, depending on the traffic.

Pavlovsk tour starts with the Palace excursion. There you can see the state rooms and private quarters. All the Romanovs owning the palace changed it very little, regarding this exquisite villa as a kind of a memorial of Empress Maria. During the WWII the structure was burned down by the Nazis. Story of the reconstruction is incredible, since the scientists brought it back from the ashes. The Pavlovsk Park tour continues your day. This is one of the best English-style gardens in Europe, full of statues, monuments and sentimental family memories.

Having seen it all in Pavlovsk, you are taken back to the hotel by our team.

Group and Individual tours to Pavlovsk

Individual tour in Pavlovsk is an option for the great history lovers. You’ll have more time to explore all 3 floors in the palace, and see more of the gardens. Pavlovsk group tour is a choice for those who are on budget and prefer value for money. Pavlovsk tour prices can be found online here.

Various excursions around the magnificent Pavlovsk palace. Walking through the stunning park, which is considered to be one of the best landscape parks in Europe. Accommodation in a luxurious Pavlovsk hotel with your family, colleagues or friends.

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