Classic tour to Tsarskoe Selo

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Classic tour to Tsarskoe Selo
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Tsarskoe Selo
The mysterious story and dazzling beauty of the Amber Room holds the ever-lasting interest for thousands and thousands of tourists. The sumptuous gilded ballrooms and solemn classical rooms are open for the visitors in Catherine Palace. English-style landscape gardens with cozy small pavilions built for the entertainment of the royals are also worthy of visit. The luxurious vast summer residence of the Russian Tsars - Catherine Palace, where the Amber Room is, can make you speechless.
Program includes:
  • Route excursion on the way to Tsarskoye Selo
  • Excursion to the Catherine Palace
  • Excursions around the Catherine Park
Please, note: excursions around the Catherine Park are recommended for summer season. You are welcome to request details from your personal manager.
  • Opening hours of the Catherine Palace: 10:00 - 18:00
  • Day off at the Catherine Palace: Tuesday
  • Opening hours of the Catherine Park depend on the season
  • Address: 7, Sadovaya street, Pushkin, St. Petersburg, 196601


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Excursions to Tsarskoe Selo by Big Life Tour

  • Magnificent classic programs to the Catherine Palace and adjacent parks.
  • Romantic weekends in great hotels and pleasant compliments for guests.
  • Exciting programs for corporate clients and VIP-guests.

Excursion to Tsarskoye Selo is the most popular day trip from St Petersburg. You may find two other names of this suburb:

  • Pushkin town, which is the nowadays geographic name;
  • Tsar's Village (or Royal Village) which is simply the translation from the Russian.

History of the place goes back to Peter the Great. He liked the farmstead on top of the hill, which was located to the south from St Petersburg. Peter’s decision was to give it as a gift to his new wife Catherine. The palace is named after her. This small manor has developed into the magnificent summer residence of Russian emperors over the years.

Pushkin town visit: Tour itinerary

Excursions to Pushkin from St Petersburg start from your hotel. Drive to Pushkin town takes about an hour, depending on the traffic. Upon arrival by bus tour to Pushkin from St Petersburg you find yourself in the center of the town right by Catherine Palace. You start with Catherine Palace, than continue the tour in the park and have free time for lunch and shopping. Finally the group gets together and starts back to the hotel by bus. Overall itinerary time is about 6 hours, given the fact that Catherine Palace is immensely popular and there might be the line to get in.

Catherine Palace

Место, выбранное для строительства летнего дворца Петром Великим, располагается примерно в часе езды от Петербурга. Дочь Петра императрица Елизавета повелела архитектору Растрелли построить дворец, какого прежде не строил никто. Блистающий роскошью загородный дворец императрицы Елизаветы Петровны потрясал воображение дипломатов и поэтов. Здесь устраивались грандиозные балы и приемы, танцы продолжались всю ночь, а угощение никогда не кончалось.

Следующая императрица на русском престоле, Екатерина Великая, также очень любила жить летом в Царском Селе, и для нее некоторые апартаменты дворца были перестроены. Шедевр архитектуры барокко жестоко пострадал во время войны. Залы елизаветинской и екатерининской эпохи вы увидите во время экскурсии по музею, в том числе и всемирно знаменитую Янтарную комнату.

Catherine Park

Catherine the Great loved this countryside estate as much as her predecessor Elisabeth. She was fond of gardening and landscaping. The Catherine Park, established around the Palace, was her favorite place to walk, breathe fresh air and admire the view of the lake.

Amber Room

Probably this is the most amazing interior in the world. That’s the key reason everybody wants tour to Tsarskoye Selo. Amber Room is decorated with the panels of natural Baltic amber. The captivating history of Amber Room, including Peter the Great’s diplomacy and Hitler’s maniac plans, you will hear during the tour to Catherine Palace.

Rates and schedules of excursions to Tsarskoye Selo

Tsarskoye Selo tour price makes a challenging subject since it depends on the season and the quantity of tourists in the group. Private tour to Pushkin is always tailor-made and calculated accordingly.

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