Tour to North pole on nuclear icebreaker

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Tour to North pole on nuclear icebreaker
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1. Murmansk

Murmansk is one of the largest ports of Russia, the city-hero, the base of the icebreaker fleet and the "gate to the Arctic". Despite the lack of historical monuments, this is a very beautiful and unique city. The main attractions here are connected with nature, numerous war memorials and, of course, the Northern lights.

2. Boarding on nuclear icebreaker

In the morning you will go to the headquarters of the Atomflot company, where after passing the control procedures you will board on one of the most powerful Russian nuclear icebreakers named "50 years of Victory." Afetr getting acquainted with the ship you will take up your cabins and in the evening go out to sea through the Strait of Kola.

3. Journey through the Arctic Ocean

It takes from 4 to 6 days for the icebreaker to cover the distance from Murmansk to the North pole. Each year the ice thickness and the length of the ice cover change. You will never forget your feelings of overcoming this ice carpet. This can be compared only with the helicopter flight over the Arctic Ocean, which you will take during this journey.

4. Reacing the North Pole
Having reached the North Pole, you will be enjoying each moment to the fullest. Here you can arrange a barbecue directly on the ice and even plunge into the Arctic Ocean. Under your desire, you are welcome to fly over the North Pole in a hot air balloon. This is the place where evety one will be able to feel the limitlessness of life!
5. The Archipelago "Franz Jozef Land"
Franz Josef Land is a group of 191 Islands that forms the northernmost archipelago of the Arctic circle. Here you will visit Cape Flora and other famous places of Arctic expeditions. If the weather permits, you will go to the rocky shores where you can enjoy the wild life of northern seabirds. It is here that you can meet walruses and polar bears which are usually so curious that can come very close to the ship and allow you to take incredibly unique photos.

6. Back to Murmansk
Even when the main goal of the expedition has been achieved, there is still a lot of interesting things on the way back - for example, you can see polar bears hunting for seals. On the way to Murmansk you will be able to share your impressions with your new friends, observe animals and birds occuring along the way and ask newly appeared questions to your travel guide!


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To North pole on nuclear icebreaker

To be on the top of the planet is an incredible adventure, memories of which will warm your heart throughout your life. Nowhere else you will see such unique pictures of wildlife filled with incredible awe and limitless freedom of the charming snowy expanses.

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