Tour to St. Petersburg.
5 days

- Multi-day tours to St.Petersburg -
Tour to St. Petersburg. 5 days
- Multi-day tours to St.Petersburg -
Day 1
  • Sightseeing city tour

Tour by car, covering the top attractions of St Petersburg, including the most important streets, monuments, bridges and palaces.

  • Peter and Paul Fortress

The fort, founded by Peter the Great, where history of our city has began, and St Peter and Paul cathedral, which is the sepulcher of the Romanov family
Day 2
  • Tsarskoe Selo

Lavishly decorated summer imperial residence, where the mystery of the WWII – the Amber Room – is brilliantly restored to its former glory.

  • Peterhof

The unique beautiful fountains, dating back to the XVIII century, embellish the vast gardens laid out on the shore of the Baltic Sea.

Day 3
  • The Hermitage

The biggest fine art collection in Russia, boasting the world renowned masterpieces, is set in the former main Imperial palace of Russia.

  • Theatre performance

Enjoy the classical Russian ballet or opera performance of your choice staged by one of the best theaters in St Petersburg.

Day 4
  • Gatchina Palace and Park

Majestic imperial residence on the shore of the quiet lake in the countryside, where the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II grew up.

  • Priory Palace in Gatchina

The diplomatic riddle linked to the Roman Catholic Maltese Spiritual Order is unveiled in this unique castle located in Gatchina town.
Day 5
  • The Russian Museum

The comprehensive collection of Russian art, which includes medieval icons and the cream of the crop of Russian XX century Avant-garde.

  • River and Canals Tour

Get to see the best of St Petersburg, sailing across the city on board of the comfortable private boat, enjoying the stunning views.


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— Private car "Comfort"
— Accommodation "Comfort"
from 52 000 RUR
per person
— Private guide
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from 70 000 RUR
per person
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from 136 000 RUR
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Full program and dates of the tour "St. Petersburg. 5 days"

  • Day 1

Sightseeing city tour


Start with the sightseeing tour, observing the classic panorama of St Petersburg. You’ll see the most famous avenues, squares, monuments and embankments of the Northern capital. There will be several photo-stops on the way. After an impressive tour you will be proposed to regain your strengths with traditional Russian food offered for you in one of the most popular city restaurants.



After a long journey through the historical beauty, you will eat in one of the best restaurants of St. Petersburg cuisine!

Peter and Paul Fortress

After lunch you’ll continue exploring the St Petersburg highlights, going to see the very heart of the city – Peter and Paul fortress. This is the fort on a small island, founded by Peter the Great, where the city history has begun. Then you’ll return back to the hotel and have time at your leisure.

  • Day 2

Today is the time to see the summer imperial residences famous for their splendor and unique features.

Tsarskoye Selo


Today you’ll travel outside of the city to see the magnificent Imperial countryside residences: Tsarskoye Selo and Peterhof. Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo is world-famous for the incredible Amber Room – beautiful interior with the enigmatic history. Lavishly decorated palace is surrounded with the lovely landscape gardens where Russian Empresses liked to walk. On you way from Tsarskoe selo to Peterhof you’ll stop for the Russian traditional a la carte lunch at the restaurant or cafe.



Lunch at your request can be ordered in one of the famous restaurants of our suburbs, famous for excellent Russian cuisine.



Peterhof is another summer residence of the Emperors: incredible park, founded by Peter the Great and full of unique gorgeous fountains, playing during the warm season. You’ll learn all the secrets of world-renowned Peterhof fountains visiting the Grottoes, and become subject to Peter’s practical jokes. There you’ll also visit Catherine’s Block – one of the park pavilions where Catherine the Great lived in her youth and nurtured her plans for the crown.

  • Day 3

Hermitage Tour


This is time to envisage the treasure trove of the world fine art – Hermitage museum, one of the biggest museums in the world. It is located in two buildings. You’ll see the Old Masters halls and Impressionists exhibition, admiring the best masterpieces of the enormous collection. Surely you’ll also follow the steps of Russian Tsars, enjoying the Winter Palace – the main Imperial palace in Russia.

Theater performance


After the Hermitage you have free time on your own to be picked up to enjoy your evening at the theatre. No St Petersburg tour is complete without splendid classical Russian ballet or opera performance.

  • Day 4

Gatchina Palace and Park


This is one of our special excursions in St Petersburg. Mysterious residence of Paul I, one of the most debated Russian rulers, is named Gatchina. Situated off the beaten path, Gatchina palace is an incredible place for history lovers, having been the home of many generations of the Romanovs, including the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II. Looking somewhat like the Tudor castle, grand palace is complemented by the romantic garden with beautiful lakes and hidden pavilions.



With meals in Gatchina no problem - you can stop and enjoy Russian and European cuisine in the restaurant of one of the best hotels in the city.

Priory Palace in Gatchina

After lunch in one of the best Gatchina town restaurants, you’ll be surprised to see one of the very few links of Russian Royals and Roman Catholic Church – Priory Palace. This absolutely unique structure was built for the Prior one of the most powerful Catholic orders in Europe – Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem.

  • Day 5

The Russian Museum


Russian art museum is one of the must-sees in St Petersburg, if you really want to experience the heart and soul of our nation. All the top highlights from ancient icons to Marc Shagall and Kasimir Malevich groundbreaking canvases are represented at the Russian museum.

River and canals tour


Your 5 days St Petersburg tour will be completed with the one of a kind experience: famous rivers and canals trip in a comfortable private boat, where delicious lunch will be served for you. As for another surprise for you – night out, having fun, watching Russian traditional folklore dancing and singing show - we will be always happy to advise you on the best alternative!

Departure day

If you have some free hours before your departure time we will be enthusiastic to brighten these hours with additional unforgettable emotions bringing an extra cultural excursion, interactive or relaxing option!

Travel to the cultural capital of Russia

Splendor of the palaces and churches, treasures of the Russian and world art, vibrant cultural life of St Petersburg – everything for you to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

Your unforgettable tour will include:

  • Travelling around historical places of the Cultural Capital
  • Visits to the most famous museums of St.Petersburg
  • Travelling to Royal residences
  • Cultural evening options and interesting entertainmets
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