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Travel to St Petersburg is usually once in a lifetime chance. Make the most of it and enjoy the cultural capital of Russia for a week. We arrange all the most interesting museums, day trips, cultural events and entertainment during your comfortable stay. You don’t have to worry about what are you are going to enjoy during your trip to St Pete for 7 days – we have already picked the best highlights for you:

  Interesting excursions and museums 

  Picturesues palaces and parks

  Colourful entertainments and shows


The prices include

Transfer in and out the airport

Accommodation in hotel

Development of cultural program

Special vouchers to museums

Services of a licensed tour guide

Transport rental for excursion routes

Information support

Visa support for foreign guests

Surprises and bonuses

Individual tour

 Accommodation with or without breakfast

 Hotel selected to meet your preferances

 Tailor-made   cultural   program

 Quantity of guests: up to 10 people

from $1350 per person



Group tour

 Twin accommodation with breakfast

 4* Hotel close to the city center

 Arranged   cultural   program

 Quantity of guests: up to 24 people

$1150 per person 


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Memorable 7 days tour in St. Petersburg. Tour Program 

Day 1 

City Tour


The city tour gets you acquainted with the most picturesque sights of the Northern capital, like:

  • Neva river embankments
  • Nevsky prospect
  • Spit of Vasillievsky island
  • The most outstanding churches, squares and monuments in St Petersburg

After lunch break in one of the most popular city restaurants or cafeterias you’ll continue exploring our Venice of the North.



For you will be served a delicious lunch in one of the most atmospheric places in St. Petersburg.

Peter and Paul Fortress

The birthplace of our city is Peter and Paul Fortress, founded by Peter the Great in 1703. Here the founder of our city commanded building and defense works in his new city, prayed in the church and was eventually buried. This place is a mine of history where you see

  • St Peter and Paul Cathedral – the first metropolis cathedral of the city
  • Sepulcher of the Russian royals
  • Fortification walls facing the Neva river which were the marvels of contemporary engineering and many more.


Day 2

Today is the time to see the summer imperial residences famous for their splendor and unique features.

Tsarskoye Selo


Tsarskoye Selo is the favorite summer resort of Catherine the Great, where you see the incredible Catherine palace. This top palace enchants you with:

  • Amber room which is one of the top WWII mysteries
  • Luxurious gala ballrooms with classical and baroque style interiors
  • 18th century applied art masterpieces
  • English landscape gardens laid out by the palace



Lunch in the restaurant with traditional Russian cuisine will complement your impressions of the summer Palace of the Russian Empress

Pavlovsk Palace


After lunch break (there are many restaurants serving traditional Russian food by the palace) you’ll drive 15 minutes away from Catherine’s estate to see one of the hidden gems of the Romanovs: Pavlovsk Palace, where Catherine’s forsaken son Paul lived with his family. Pavlovsk is special since it is the unique example of:

  • Louis XVI classic style that was never altered by later owners
  • Carefully preserved and restored interiors, gala and private ones
  • Antique statues, tapestries, genuine parquetry, porcelain, bronze and silk
  • And certainly the enthralling story of Catherine the Great and her hated son Paul.


Day 3 

Hermitage Tour


This is the highlight of your tour to Saint-Petersburg for 7 days: the world renowned Hermitage museum, having over 3 mln masterpieces of fine and applied art. During the panoramic tour you’ll see:

  • Old Masters collection, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Flemish schools
  • Antiquity collection
  • French Impressionists and Postimpressionists collection
  • The Winter Palace – the main Russian Imperial palace, the home of the Tsars.

After the Hermitage visit you have free time on your own. Evening option is the special night out, enjoying classical Russian ballet or opera performance: we can buy the tickets to the best St Petersburg theatres.

Theater performance


Acquaintance with the cultural capital will be incomplete without enjoying the theatrical life of the city on the Neva. We will select for you tickets for the best ballet and Opera performances in St. Petersburg, classical and avant-garde productions, world-famous and new young theater groups.


Day 4



Travel to Peterhof, the beloved residence of Peter the Great on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. The magnificent garden with over than one hundred fountains, glittering in the sun, and making this summer home of the Russian Tsars unique.

Here you have two tour options:

  • Grand Palace tour – the official summer residence of the Imperial court
  • Catherine block – the smaller classical style home where future Catherine the Great lived, and Grottos tour – special excursion revealing the mechanics behind the fountains.
  • You can choose one of the above mentioned Peterhof tours. You’ll also stop for lunch on the grounds of Peterhof.


Fountains of Peterhof attract attention; after such a fascinating tour you need to strengthen your strength in one of the popular restaurants of Peterhof.



The next leg of the tour continues in Oranienbaum – another seashore residence, located conveniently near. It was not destroyed by the Nazis and there you’ll discover

Grand Menshikov Palace, the residence of Peter the Great’s best friend Alexander Menshikov

Chinese palace – the summer rococo pavilion of Catherine the Great, embellished with the Chinese porcelain and one of a kind glass-beads embroidered panels in the world.


Day 5

Yusupov Palace


Youssupov Palace is the most luxurious aristocratic residence in St Petersburg. It is famous for the wonderful gala halls and private quarters of the Youssupov Princes, the wealthiest Russian aristocrats of the XIX century. It has also been the scene of the most mysterious pre-revolutionary crime in St Petersburg. Gregory Rasputin, advisor and favorite of Nicholas II and Alexandra, was murdered in this palace by the heir of the family in 1916. During the excursion you’ll see classical and historicism style rooms and the basement chambers where the notorious adventurer ended his life.

This day can be continued with dinner and folklore show- traditional Russian singing and dancing concert.



After a dive into the secrets of history you will find a rest in a cozy restaurant with Russian cuisine and an exciting evening program.

Folk Show


Folklore show is an amazing performance where you will feel the legendary spaciousness of the Russian soul! Here you will enjoy the skills of performing Russian folklore dance that captures the gaze and excites the spirit of even the most sophisticated tou-rists! A stunning spectacle will be pleasantly "seasoned" with a relaxing buffet or a delicious lunch, after which guests will plunge into the colorful Russian folk dance!


Day 6



Gatchina tour takes you to one of the most unusual places in Russia, overlooked by all the other companies. We believe it is special, because there you are going to be amazed with:

  • Gatchina Palace – the only hunting sandstone castle in Russia,  created for the favorite of Catherine the Great and later becoming the home of the Romanovs and the seat of the Royal hunt. Today the palace is gloriously reassured to its former splendor.
  • Palace Gardens, romantic and quiet, designed out on the shores of many lakes
  • Priory Palace is absolutely unrivaled structure. The only rammed earth building in Russia was constructed on the order of Emperor Paul I, as the home of the Prior of Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem.



Before returning home in the Banquet hall of the best hotel Gatchina you will be served a delicious lunch.

Buying a burning tour in St. Petersburg for 7 days is the choice of the best holiday in the Northern capital.


Day 7

St. Isaac's Cathedral

Rounding up your tours the Petersburg 7 days we’ll admire the classic St Isaac’s Cathedral. The main cathedral in Russia in the XIX century the building is gigantic, accommodating several thousand worshippers. The cathedral is decorated with marbles, mosaics and gold, making unforgettable impression.


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