Tour to Gatchina "Gatchina fairy tale"

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Tour to Gatchina "Gatchina fairy tale"
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1. Route excursion on the way to Gatchina
A nice comfortable bus will take you from St. Petersburg to Gatchina. During your way to the destination the guide of our company will give you a route excursion and present to you the history of Gatchina town so that your road wil be exciting and interesting. The museum complex of Gatchina is famous for its excellent cultural and entertainment programs held in the Great Gatchina Palace and the Priory Palace.
2. Costume excursion in the Grand Gatchina palace
You will arrivie in Gatchina anticipating the festivity. Here you will see a strict majestic Palace of the second half of the eighteenth century, reminiscent of a medieval castle. By the will of fate the Palace was owned by several owners and survived all the vicissitudes of the twentieth century, and now it is as beautiful as ever. The owner of Gatchina "himself" - Emperor Pavel I, will greet you in the Palace, and lead you to explore his favorite residence.
3. Photo0session in the Gala-Hall
The halls of the Gatchina Palace are amazing - their solemnity and splendor interiors contrast with the strict laconic decoration of the building walls made of Sandstone. The gala interiors of the building were designed especifically for the Emperor by his favorite architect Brenna.The tour of the main halls of the Gatchina Palace will end with a photo session in the White Gala hall.
4. Snacks and drinks in the palace
After the the Gala halls tour, it will be time to unravel one of the famous mysteries of the Palace. You will go down to the underground passage, built when the Palace was owned by count Orlov - favourite of Catherine the Great. This mystical place make both adults and children feel scary. Here you will find a nice buffit served with light snacks and soft drinks and court ladies will teach you how to taste these charming treats.
5. Costume excursion in thr priory palace
Here you will be welcomed by a "Maltese Knight-Hospitaller" appearing as if he has descended from the pages of a medieval ballad. He will lead you around the unique rammed-earth building - the Priory Palace which was commited by Paul I for the knights of the order of Malta. The Museum is dedicated to the fascinating page of history - the appearance of the Maltese order in the Russian Empire.
6. Dinner in the restaurant "Paul I"
After a tour of the charming Priory Palace, it is time to eat more heavily. Restaurant "Paul the First" is located in a historic mansion of the nineteenth century. Excellent dishes of Russian cuisine, furniture in medieval style, laconic and elegant interior - everything will set You on a romantic and mystical way.
7. Way back to St. Petersburg
On the way back to St.Petersburg you will get a nice present - a bonus card by Big Life Tour Company which will give you discounts for the best entertainments of St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia, nice bonuses for traveling and online shopping, a permanent discount for Big Life Tour products and a lot of other privileges that you can use whilw you stay in Russia or abroad!


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Gatchina is the unique place where the solemnity of the classical architecture and the "painting" of the park landscapes merge into a delightful picture, capable of captivating the most sophisticated look ... Today we created for you our "Gatchina fairy tale", where each trophy of history will be served under the most piquant "spices"!

"Enchanting Gatchina" is a terrific cultural and entertainment tour of the new generation! It is here that you will begin your exclusive journey into the past, where you will be reincarnated as a nobleman of the imperial court and spinning around in the enchanting ball in the luxurious halls of the Gatchina Palace!

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