Karelia journey by steam train

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Karelia journey by steam train
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1. Departure on a steam train
You will depart from Ladozhsky railway station on a retro steam Locomotive of 1956. You will place in a modern compartment of 4-people capacity. You will have a night train joutbey and in the morning you arrive in the picturesque old town - Sortavala.

2. Solemn meeting of guests

Upon arrival in the city of Sortavala, on the platform You will be greeted with great honor and respect: with songs, dances, music, games and national Karelian treats - pies "Kalitkas".

3. Old Sortavala

One of the most interesting versions of the origin of the name of this ancient city says that the monks of Valaam expelled from the island the evil spirits and the spirits came to the nearest city. Hence the name "Sortavala" can be enterpreted as "the power of the devil." It is an amazing city with many preserved monuments and interesting architecture presented in historical buildings, ancient churches and monasteries. Almost one hundred buildings of the city are recognized as cultural monuments and are under the protection of the state - many of them are built by famous architects and amaze with their beauty and elegance.

4. Museum of Kronid Gogolev
The Museum of Kronid Gogolev is a unique exhibition center in Sortavala. In the exhibition are displayed the works of Karelian artist, woodcarving master, Kronid Alexandrovich Gogolev. The artist's works are widely known throughout the world and stored in famous museums both in Russia and abroad. The exhibition hall was opened during the life of Kronid Alexandrovich, in 1989. Today the Museum is one of the most popular attractions of the region.
5. Waterfall "Ahvenkoski"
The picturesque waterfall get everybody charmed. Fans of winter holidays argue that the waterfall can be visited during all the year as the water streams do not freeze even at minus 20 degrees and cascade among the white snowy background enchanting everyone. On wooden bridges you can enjoy uncomparable views of the Russian North nature.
6. Marble Canyon
Marble Canyon, now filled with the purest groundwater, was once a source of production of different varieties of marble. Currently, some of the quarries are abandoned and flooded, and some continue to be used for industrial stone mining. One of the quarries, now called Ruskeala mountain Park - is now equipped for tourists to visit and have cleared and fenced pedestrian paths, equipped with Parking, provide rent-a-boat services. Here you will enjoy from water the view of marble walls with a height of more than 20 meters.
7. Underground route
Unique underground route passes under the mountain Park. Here you will unveil the history of underground labyrinths and see not only the mysterious tunnels, but also the famous underground lake with its brilliant lighting. And at the end of this tour you will have a water tour on a wooden ferry, which will float through the clear Emerald lake.
8. Return to St. Petersburg
After the gala dinner, you will departure back to the solemn St. Petersburg on a retro steam train under the romantic rithms of train wheels. Your vivid memories will be decorated with wonderful photos and nice suvenirs that will remind of your fabulous journey to such a picturesque land.


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Karelia journey on retro-train

In this case the road is an important part of the travel and delights no less than the destination and its sights. Locomotive rides with the visit of wonderful and magical Karelia, carrying out non-standard activities "with full steam on", serving daintith dishes on the interior wagons, meeting on the platform according to all traditions of Karelian people, accommodation in the famous Vinter's Dacha and many other things are certainly waiting for you after choosing the retro train travel to Karelia.

Full program and dates of the tour "Karelia journey on retro-train"

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  • Departure from St.Petersburg


  • Solemn meeting of guests in the city of Sortavala


  • Breakfast in one of the best local restaurants


  • City tour "Old Sortavala"


  • Visiting the museum of Kronid Gogolev


  • Lunch


  • Visiting the waterfall "Ahvenkoski"


  • Excursion around Marble Canyon


  • Visiting Underground route


  • Free time


  • Gala dinner


Departure back to St.Petersburg

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