Classic tour to Strelna

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Classic tour to Strelna
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The majestic Constantine Palace is famous all over the world today as the venue for the most important government meetings, like G8 and G20. With us you have the unique chance to visit this residence, where access is limited due to the government regulations. This is the former Romanovs summer residence, restored to its former glory after the damage inflicted by the war and decades of negligence.
Program includes:
  • Road excursion on the way to Strelna
  • Visit to the Konstantinovsky Palace
  • Tour of Konstantinovsky Park
Дополнительные детали
  • Opening hours: 10:30 - 18:00
  • The Palace is open daily
  • Address: 3, birch al., Strelna, St. Petersburg, 198515
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Excursions to Strelna by Big Life Tour

Tours to Strelna from St Petersburg is the opportunity to see the glorious Constantine palace, which was almost razed to the ground during WWII. What we see today is the history of present-day Russia. This tour is going to be of interest for the world politics aficionados and all those travelers, who are deeply into Russian history and culture.

Tours to Strelna with visits to places of the most important historical events. Excursions in the Konstantinovsky Palace - a politically significant place - the venue of the G-20. Amazing weekends in 5-star hotels and cottages at the area of the palace.

Visiting the Constantine Palace

One’s upon a time Peter the Great decided to built Russia’s answer to Versailles on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. He chose homestead named Strelna for that purpose but here this ambitious project never worked out. The estate belonged to the number of royal relatives after Peter’s death. The first owner in 1800s was the Grand Duke Constantine – hence the name of the palace. The Soviet government was never interested in the bulding as the museum, The Nazi occupation practically destroyed it.

The new life for Constantine Palace began in the early 2000s. The current Russian Federation administration chose this site for complete reconstruction. The palace became the area for all highbrow political meetings, congresses and important events held by the government. Restorers and architects have done incredible job, raising structure from the ashes, and surrounding it with the vast formal garden. Constantine Palace is overlooking the Gulf of Finland. Government leaders usually arrive there by the sea.

The tour of Constantine Palace includes:

  • Government halls, where, for instance, Mr. Putin met Mr. Obama;
  • Fine art exhibition, comprised of pieces collected by Mr. Rostropovich, the world-famous Russian celloist;
  • Walk in the garden, enjoying the sea view.

Palace of Congresses is the official name of the residence. Since this is the government building, this visit is not often can be organized; therefore tour to Constantine Palace is really exclusive. Looking behind the scenes of the world politics and seeing the dream of Peter the Great come true is really worth the effort.

Description and itinerary of the tours to Strelna

Bus excursion to Strelna starts by your hotel. You are met by our company’s guide and bus driver and they are driving you to Strelna by the high-speed road, past the suburbs of St Petersburg. Excursions to Strelna start on board of the bus on the way from St Petersburg. Upon reaching Konstantine Palace, your group is taken around the area by the museum guide. After the excursion in Strelna palace and gardens you return back to the hotel by bus. The itinerary roughly takes 4-5 hours.

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